Virtual breedable pets

I have this fascination with breeding pets in a virtual sense.  I’ve tried out a handful of different websites, my favorite so far being Pony Island.   

My favorite thing about Pony Island is the genetics.  It’s complex and extremely interesting and I end up wanting to make charts and crap to get colors and traits and I would get obsessed if I didn’t watch myself! :) The thing is, I wonder how it would work with other creatures.  Like cats, or fae creatures or dragons, and I find myself making a list of everything that would be involved in getting a virtual breedables game developed.

So, that’s where my focus is today-tomorrow, it’ll probably be somewhere else. :D



The problem with being a Graphic Design student…

…is that I constantly want to redo my logo.  So, again with a new look, although, I have to say that I feel like I *am* learning how to better say what I want to with a logo.  Still really simplistic though.


I just got stuck on the browns/pink/green color scheme and it seems like lately that those colors are super popular, so everyone kind of looks like they’re all copying each other.  I wanted to go for something a little less trendy and a little more traditional, weirdly. Still whimsical and fresh though.

Obviously I’m still drawing, and actually updating Deviantart, and today, I’m actually working on doing some things in Zazzle.  Lastly, I’m seriously debating looking into Kickstarter to get this show on the road, so I’m making things as awesome as possible. :)

You’ll hear more from me sooner rather than later.


Now we’re on the ball-maybe. :)

So, as you can see, I gave up the blog thing for awhile.  Partly because I was floundering about direction, partly because school was kicking my bum as far as free time, and partly because I can be a lazy procrastinator.  Now, though, I’m in a place where I know what direction I am going, and I’ve learned to love the fact that this direction can and probably will meander into different things.

Over the last couple of years, my drawing skills have improved in leaps and bounds.  I’m still not an amazingly strong artist, but that’s mostly a practice issue and something I’m always working to improve.  I’ve come to love my wacom tablet, and I’m really into the CG aspects of art and design so I’ve got some interesting things coming down the pike in that area.  I’m also really excited about some of the altered stuff I’m working on and I’m super stoked to be sharing all that.

I’m still not going to be a daily blogger, I don’t think, but I will do my best to give weekly updates of what I’m working on, and I may throw in some other posts about art and artists I’m digging at the moment.

So, in that vein, here are some of the things coming this week: I’ll be posting a couple new things on Etsy, finally, including possibly prints of a color pencil piece I’ve done that I’m just in love with, and maybe a couple older ATC’s.

So, till then, have a good week and a great VDay. Tell people you love them, and smile a lot.


And so begins some new stuff

It looks like I’ve not been very productive of late, I know.  But I have! I’ve got a handful of things in progress, among them, pixel dolls.  Mostly because I want to apply some of the things I’ve learned to them, and partially because I can work on them in small spaces of time, using only my PC.

This is good, since I’m slowly packing our apartment, so that we can move into our first house. *does a dance*

So, while it will be probably be a couple/few weeks before you see any real update from me, know that I’ll probably post a handful of things at once, once I get all set up in the house.

Welcome to the new year, folks! :D